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rihanna oprah interview The 7 Celebrities With The Most Fake Followers On Facebook

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Rihanna is among a celebrities with a many fake fans on Facebook.

Last month, we common a .

Since then, word of a series of fake supporters arose in late August, causing a exhibit that nearly a third of some of a many renouned accounts were inauthentic.

On Aug. 31, followed suit, enormous down on pages with fake likes, according to Mashable.

suggested a tip 10 Facebook pages who mislaid a many feign supporters in a past week. Unsurprisingly, a series of celebrities were enclosed in a list given they comprise a many renouned pages on a amicable networking site.

The biggest celebrity offenders embody those with a 20 many renouned pages on Facebook. The usually anomaly is one celebrity who hardly creates a tip 50 Brands on Facebook.

The usually one left off this list is a series one many “liked” celebrity on Facebook, .

The waste weren’t in a millions. Rather, fake fans were in a tens of thousands, making up between one and dual percent of a celebrities‘ sum likes.

In other words, a inform hardly affects any fan page sum and doesn’t change a list of , for now.

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