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  • Rita Wilson

    If we ignore the weird firework embellishment on her side, we’re left with an ill-fitting black dress. It looks like a sack on her body, and the dress is in deep need of a lower or higher hemline to breakup all the material.

    October 9th, London

  • Jennifer Lopez

    It’s clear that J.Lo likes to take risks (we all remember that Versace number), but this dress was a swing and a miss. Lopez has the amazing figure to pull it off, but the velvet panels and weird vine like embellishments make it look like something is creeping up her body.

    October 5th, Washington

  • Drew Barrymore

    There is an art to wearing a jumpsuit, and this isn’t it. Barrymore made the mistake of going loose all over and picking a childish print. A little tailoring and a sophisticated pattern could have done wonders for the star.

    October 7th, Los Angeles

  • Chloe Grace Moretz

    Well, this is a shocker. The 16-year-old fashion plate almost always gets it right, but not this week. We wish the green color was a little more saturated to stand out against her fair features, and the bizarre print and lace detailing seem haphazard and sloppy.

    October 7th, Los Angeles

  • Miley Cyrus

    Oh, Miley. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to shock us. Though her ripped jeans are offensive, it’s her star-shaped pasties under her white shirt that make us the most uncomfortable.

    October 8th, New York City

  • Michelle Dockery

    We’ll admit, the shape of this dress is lovely on the “Downton Abbey” actress, but the pattern is unflattering. The floral print paired with the basket weave panels don’t seem to pair well with the elegant silhouette of the gown.

    October 7th, Macau

  • Nicole Kidman

    We like the bones of Kidman’s dress, but the orange shawl sleeves are totally throwing us off. They are making her gown look like a can-can girl costume.

    October 7th, Macau

  • Sienna Miller

    It looks like the “Foxcatcher” star threw together some fabric to make this dress. The stark white color combined with the poor fit and wrinkled material are hardly becoming.

    October 8th, London

  • Ashley Madekwe

    This reminds us of a young child’s art project. The organza dress could have been beautiful, but the various layers look as if they were stuck onto the dress at the last minute.

    October 5th, Los Angeles

  • Anna Kendrick

    We’re aware that fringe is back, but we’re not so sure about this look. Though we’re fans of the pointy-toe shoes, the dress is far too busy. Between the embellishments and the cut-outs, there is too much going on.

    London, September 14th

  • Hilary Rhoda

    The Estée Lauder model looks like she’s in a Grecian goddess costume with the white and gold fabric, one-shouldered cut and exposed tummy.

    New York City, September 12

  • Joan Smalls

    With all the gorgeous dresses this model wears on the runway, you’d think she would have had a better pick of the litter. What’s hurting this outfit is the fabric of the dress — it’s very wrinkled, which is distracting. Her shoes are also the wrong choice, as they are far too heavy for the delicate strapless frock.

    New York, September 12th

  • Scarlett Johansson

    The fit is off on the “Don Jon” actresss’ dress. It’s too big in the bust area. She should have gotten it properly tailored to her body, as it could have been a winner.

    New York, September 12th

  • Winona Ryder

    The main issue with Ryder’s outfit is the length of her dress. It’s hitting her leg at an awkward spot and making her appear shorter. We also aren’t fans of the black cardigan — it looks like a last minute addition. Had she opted for a faux-fur shawl, she could have really amped up the ensemble.

    New York, September 12th

  • Julianne Hough

    The dancer/actress is a victim of wearing too many trends at once: She’s got a bow, lace detailing and a sheer element, which are all competing for our attention.

    New York, September 12th

  • Daphne Guinness

    Guinness, a respected artist and style icon, went overboard in this all-silver ensemble. (It even matches her iPod!) The shiny material is making her look like the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz” — we wish she had thrown in another color to break up the look.

    London, September 14th

  • Kerry Washington

    What happened to this super stylish star? Clearly, she’s on vacation, because there is nothing about this dress that works. From the multiple tiers and ruffles, to the hip-expanding skirt and stark white pumps, it’s clear that Washington’s head was not in the game when she got dressed.

    North Hollywood, September 17th

  • Nicole Richie

    Though we love the idea of a turtleneck dress, this one is all wrong. The floral print is too extreme to be used foor a maxi dress, and those cheetah print loafers are too casual for the red carpet.

    Glendale, September 17th

  • Cate Blanchett

    A cape on the red carpet is tricky to pull off without it looking costumey, and here, the black color and bronze detailing aren’t helping. It also looks like the gown is falling off Blanchett because the arm slits are so low.

    London, September 17th

  • Blake Lively

    Okay, what happened here? First of all, this sparkly drop-waist jumpsuit is all wrong on the young star — where are the sexy dresses we are used to seeing her in? The biggest issue here is fit. The pants are far too large and the trim on the top is making this ensemble look like a gymnastics leotard.

    Milan, September 19th

  • Kate Bosworth

    Bosworth’s outfit is in desperate need of some tailoring. The pants are far too long, her top is bunching in weird spots and that bizarre body chain needs to be removed, immediately.

    Catalina Island, September 21st

  • Anna Faris

    This color is all wrong for Faris’ complexion. Her jumpsuit is blending into her skin tone and totally washing her out.

    Los Angeles, September 21st

  • Brooke Shields

    This shade of brown is hardly becoming on the former model. We also aren’t wild about the silhouette. It’s in desperate need of a slit or a lower neckline to break up all the material. And don’t even get us started on that weird cape.

    New York, September 23rd

  • Nicole Kidman

    The print on Kidman’s dress isn’t awful, but wearing it head-to-toe is. It looks like a beach cover-up. Had she picked a more modern silhouette, this ensemble would have been brought into the 21st century.

    Qingdao, September 22nd

  • Pamela Anderson

    We appreciate that Anderson covered up for once, but this is extreme. The loose, long dress is giving her no shape, while the lace detailing reminds us of a night gown.

    Berlin, September 24th

  • Mischa Barton

    There are a few things that are wrong with this outfit. For starters, her black dress does not fit properly. It is way too big in the stomach area, creating extra bulk, while that feather purse looks like she brought a dead animal onto the red carpet.

    New York, September 23rd

  • Pippa Middleton

    This look screams Las Vegas, not British high-society. Between the teal plumage, embellished neckline and matchy-matchy pumps, it’s clear that Pips needs a new stylist.

    London, September 24th

  • Heather Graham

    We want to like this dress, but something is off. Maybe it’s the color or perhaps it’s the long feather train, but one way or another, all we can think of is “The Little Mermaid.”

    New York, September 23rd

  • Rachel Roy

    We understand what the fashion designer was trying to do here, but there are a few problems with execution. While we love the white skirt, we wish its hemline was a little higher to elongate her legs and to help balance out her extremely bulky top.

    New York, September 23rd

  • 183201313_10

  • Rita Ora

    We’re well aware that plaid is back, but wearing any trend head-to-toe can be overwhelming. We’re also not sure why she opted for a backwards baseball cap, it doesn’t seem to fit with her tartan theme.

    London, October 2nd

  • Katy Perry

    Okay, is this a new trend we aren’t aware of? Layering tops underneath dresses? It appears as though Katy Perry put a billowy black blouse underneath her sleek strapless gown. Had she lost the velvet mockneck, her look could have been stunning.

    Paris, October 1st

  • Kate Upton

    It looks like the Sports Illustrated model is wearing one dress on top of another. Had she just stuck with the sleeveless lace frock on top, this easily could have been best-dressed material.

    Paris, October 1st

  • Coco Rocha

    Unless she is going to a “True Blood” themed party, this outfit doesn’t work. Her fair complexion paired with that dark lipstick and her white satin suit is giving us serious vampire vibes.

    Paris, September 29th

  • Christina Hendricks

    This dress is criminal. It does nothing to show off her famous curves and the busy print is making her look bigger than she is.

    Beverly Hills, September 29th

  • Bella Thorne

    Is she wearing a sheer T-shirt? A Dress? And pants? It seems like this “Shake It Up” star couldn’t decide on what to wear, so she ended up putting on all her clothes (à la Joey Tribbiani). Sometimes it’s necessary to edit, Bella.

    Hollywood, September 27th

  • Chloe Bridges

    The “Carrie Diaries” star would have been smart to pick a different shade of pink, as this one is washing her out. It also would have been a good idea to get her pants tailored because they are simply too long and too lose. And don’t even get us started on that cape…

    New York, September 28th

  • Kim Kardashian

    Kim K. is really out and about these days, and she isn’t afraid to bare some skin. We wish her top had a little more coverage, as her ample cleavage is distracting us from everything else.

    Paris, September 29th

  • Oliva Palermo

    Now we know Palermo can do better than this. The fashion plate usually hits it out of the park, but this voluminous skirt belongs at the ballet. Her outfit is also in desperate need of some balance — a sleeveless top or a crop top would have broken up the fullness of the skirt.

    France, September 27th

  • Eva Longoria

    This dress is a little too sheer for comfort. All the tiers combined with the bright pink color make Eva look like a Barbie cake topper.

    Hollywood, September 28th

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