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One witness tells the newspaper that “Bieber and his party were walking past Bloom’s table [and] Orlando refused to shake Bieber’s hand.”

Justin then responded by saying something along the lines of “she was good.”


The woman in question would be Miranda Kerr, Bloom’s ex-wife who reportedly flirted with Bieber after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012 and who supposedly taught her and Bloom’s son to say the words “Bieber Fever.”

Last fall, there were even reports that Kerr and Bloom split due to the .

CONVERSELY, another insider says Bloom instigated this showdown, acting like an “a—hole” to Justin as soon as he saw him.

Either way, the stars “got in each other’s faces and there were words,” a source says, adding that  “they were separated by their entourages,” as you can see in this video:

While most initial accounts claimed Bloom missed with his punch, one onlooker asserts the opposite.

“The punch definitely connected,” he/she says. “People saw it. That’s why everyone cheered.”

After the celebrities were separated, Justin allegedly told Bloom to “say hi” to Kerr for her – and he definitely followed up the incident by on his Instagram account.

He later took it down, and he didn’t include a caption with the image… but still. Can anyone fault Orlando Bloom for wanting to punch Justin Bieber?

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