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It’s not too late to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

In just a few short weeks, thousands of Americans (and plenty of celebrities) have stepped up to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease by pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads. Many have also donated, allowing the ALS Association to raise more than $62 million through the viral movement.

On Saturday, accepted ‘s request by getting drenched (and we mean drenched) with a bucket of water. He would later challenge his fiancée “because she’s not here with me to see this!”

The fun continued as added an extra twist by using a bucket full of breast milk. Yes, she used actual milk.

“It took me all night to make this,” she before challenging New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and feminist Gloria Steinem.

Not to be outdone, husband conquered possibly the longest Ice Bucket Challenge we’ve seen to date. Seriously, the ice would not stop falling onto his head.

The fun’s not over! Take a look at , and more stars getting soaked for a good cause.

And to learn more about ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge, go to the .

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