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But TMZ says differently.

It claims he’s the one who wants out of the marriage because he believes the “emotional state” of Mariah is creating a “toxic environment” for his kids

Nick supposedly his twins have already shown signs of sadness living with Mariah, whose home is full of “chaos.”

He wants a quick divorce and he’s strongly concerned over his estranged wife’s mental state, especially because her entourage only cares about how much money Carey can make for them.

This new report doesn’t go into specifics, but Mariah Carey has never been known as the most stable of superstars, that much is for sure.

Earlier in the week, Cannon confirmed “trouble in paradise” between the couple and said they had been living separately for months.

he made these remarks because the two had agreed to remain silent until coming out with a joint statement at the time of their divorce.

They have twins three-years old together.

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