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The that they’ll both soon be headed off to prison, so Gia is shouldering the burden on her own. And from the sound of it, so she’s doing as fine a job as could be expected.

Asked by Cohen about the moment when she told her 13-year-old Gia about the sentence, Teresa became choked up with what seemed to be a mix of shame in her actions and pride for her daughter:

“She said, ‘Mommy don’t worry about it. I’ll be there,'” Teresa said. “I’ll help daddy with the girls. It’ll prepare me for when I’m a mom.”

for their support via Twitter, and seems to be coping surprisingly well with the fact that she’ll soon lose her mother for over a year and her father for 41 months.

“Family forever.” Gia tweeted over the weekend. “Such an amazing support system.”

to see the Giudices in happier times.

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